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When summer arrives in Los Angeles, there is nothing worse than a broken air conditioner in the stifling heat. Because we understand that a functional AC unit is a vital component to a comfortable home, the team at Ice Age HVAC is ready to efficiently assist you in all AC repairs, AC maintenance, and AC installation services in Los Angeles. Ice Age’s  HVAC repair specialists will quickly access your AC unit’s problem, produce a reasonable estimate, and fix the issue at hand. Our team has dealt with all makes and models of air conditioning systems, including American Standard, Carrier, Fujitsu, Goodman, Mitsubishi, Lennox, Rheem, Trane, etc. 

When Is It Time for Air Conditioning Repairs

There are a few cases where your AC’s strange behaviors could be fixed with a change of filter. However, for the rest of the time, it is not far off to assume your AC will need repairs whenever it begins to function oddly. There are many things that can go wrong inside of an air conditioner, and likewise, there are a lot of signs that can indicate your AC needs an inspection. For example: 

  • Strange noises 
  • Reduced cooling power 
  • Operational issues 
  • Strange smell 
  • Water is leaking 
  • Unit is icy or frosty

While we cannot predict how severe an issue is based on the signs alone, we can assure you that any odd behavior is worth having inspected by one of our service professionals at Ice Age HVAC. Regardless of the issue, our professional team is ready to aid you in all forms of AC repairs in Los Angeles.

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