HVAC Zoning Systems, also known as zoned HVAC, is a supplemental heating and cooling system that uses air dampers in the ductwork to control and divert air around particular sections of the house. This is beneficial as it helps customize specific temperature zones within the home for max comfortability. It also guides the system to run more efficiently, saving you money in the long run on electricity bills and HVAC maintenance. Contact Ice Age HVAC today for a consultation regarding HVAC zoning system installation or repair.

Air Dampers

Air dampers are the tools within your HVAC system that help control the temperature, air volume, and pressure direction throughout the home. Think of them as valves which determine how much hot or cool air is needed to blow through certain ducts that will either raise or lower the area’s temperature. It’s basically an air temperature control unit. Depending on the ductwork layout within your home, the number of air dampers needed can vary. Each major branch of the trunk will likely require a damper, however a zoned HVAC system will need fewer dampers than a retrofitted HVAC system.

Control Board

Not so different from a computer circuit board, the zoning system control board essentially serves as the brain to the whole heating and cooling operation. It senses the temperature and then either opens or closes a single or multiple dampers. The control board handles all functions of the system in the order of operations needed to run. However, due to the control board being a complicated piece of electronic equipment, it is prone to malfunctioning. In the event of a thermostat malfunction, it will need to be replaced. The experienced technicians at Ice Age HVAC are qualified to handle all control board replacement and installation services necessary to have your HVAC system back to full operation.

Bypass Controller

Bypass controllers, also referred to as bypass dampers or bypass ducts, help alleviate the extra pressure within your zoning system when a small area needs to be cooled or heated. This added pressure buildup occurs when all dampers are not open, resulting in the additional air pressure needing to go somewhere. This is where installing bypass controllers or bypass ducts becomes a critical element within your HVAC zoning system. Ice Age HVAC technicians are trained to install, repair, or replace any and all bypass dampers within your ductwork. Contact Ice Age HVAC today to arrange an at-home consultation.

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